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2-Day Understanding Marine Weather for Cruising Course (Seattle, Jan 28-29)

Seattle Boat ShowWhen you’re out there, you are on your own, trusting that you are prepared for the elements. This course is designed for novices as well as experienced sailors (also means those attendees with little or no marine weather background, as well as an excellent re-fresher for those who have had some weather courses). This course will exposure what a mariner needs to know & understand about recent changes in today’s surface pressure marine weather maps & how best to apply them in important safety & strategic decision making in the environment one sails in.

The two-day course syllabus covers the following:

  • The language of weather (specifically important definitions)
  • An introduction to “Weather 101” principles( e.g. the importance of temperature, moisture, radiation, what forces drives wind)
  • Common surface weather systems & their features (e.g., lows, highs, fronts, troughs, ridges),the typical graphical weather symbols commonly found on Pacific Ocean surface pressure weather charts(e.g. “L’s”, “H’s”; dashed, dotted, & solid lines)
  • The breakdown of an alpha-numeric text forecast & voice VHF broadcasts (the synopsis & forecast portion that follows)
  • Local weather affecting the Puget Sound& Salish Sea, and land sea coastal influences (e.g. gap winds and the coastal jet stream)
  • What goes into a human intelligence originated forecast (e.g. the professional meteorologists input into a weather forecast)
  • How to document and verify all surface weather forecasts for confidence building (e.g. comparing 48/86 Hour Surface Forecasts and the validation of them with the Surface Analyses with the same Valid Date & Time)
  • Continuous hands on practical exercise scenarios for reinforcement of what has been discussed in previous sessions
  • We will look at the following questions with practical answers: How will the weather impact your trip? What choices will you make? What do you need do to assemble the weather forecast products you will need?
  • For the later point, there will also be a very brief introduction on weather communications & receiving weather information at sea from a guest presenter
  • Course presentation material will be provided on CDs in PDF format along with additional supplemental material (articles and reinforcement exercises)

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Cost: $275

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01/28/2015 - 01/29/2015
9:00 am - 4:00 pm

CenturyLink Field
800 Occidental Ave. S.
Seattle WA 98134