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Pilot Charts and Passage Planning Webinar: Sunday Edition (Feb 28)

ssuTuesday February 28, 2016 at 4:00PM PST

Course Fee: $25.00

Understanding weather is a critical skill for the responsible skipper as it provides the tools to make good passage-making decisions based the weather forecasts for the next 5 days.

In contrast, Pilot Charts and Coast Pilots provide the tools for long range,  offshore passage planning. For example, what is the best time of year to plan a passage from the U.S. to Europe? Where and when are the winds most favorable for a safe, fast and comfortable passage? And perhaps more important, when are you least likely to experience extreme weather along a chosen route? Pilot Charts provide the information for the oceans and the Coast Pilots provide the information for the various landfalls and ports along the route.

In this module, Lee will introduce the NOAA’s Pilot charts that are available free on the internet. He will guide you through the information available and how to interpret the unique symbols used. He will also describe the advantages of the new Pilot Charts from Jimmy and Ivan Cornell. Lee will also explore the weather related information in Coast Pilots.

The intent is to achieve a near classroom environment with these webinars, so be ready to participate and interact with Lee with questions, polls and exercises.

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4:00 pm - 6:00 pm