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Lee Chesneau’s Marine Weather would like to recommend the following publications for your continued training and education. These publications constitute a parallel approach for upgrading knowledge of marine meteorology, forecasting, routing skills.

  • Mariners Weather Log
    Government Publication
    Current downloadable issue / Hard copy issue subscriptions
    Note that previous issues can be viewed and downloaded directly from past issues back to Aug 1998.
  • NWS Observing Handbook No.1
    NWS Mariners Observers Handbook
    To download a PDF version of the NWS Mariners Observers Handbook (Latest version 2004) click the link above. The manuals provided an in-depth procedures on taking and coding marine weather observations at sea from VOS reporting ships. It also has synoptic code symbols, a glossary of terms, relating observations to expected future weather conditions, and weather folklore and its interpretation.
  • Mariners Guide of Hurricane Awareness in the North Atlantic Basin
    Mariners Guide PDF
    An excellent comprehensive guide to coverage of Tropical Cyclones, the basics of their characteristics, formation, intensification and dissipation, tracking motions, communications information, tracking chart, observational reporting, & the 1-2-3 rule for avoidance at sea.
  • The Ocean Prediction Center’s (OPC’s) Radio-facsimile User Guide
    OPC User Guide PDF
    This is a synopsis of the various products the OPC offers to the maritime community, from surface analyses maps to upper air 500 Mb charts. The schedules of chart broadcast and availability, a section on a glossary of key terms and symbols depicted on fax charts, as well as fax schedules. A section has also been added covering the Tropical Prediction Center (TPC) products.
  • Unified Surface Analysis Paper
    Unified Surface Analysis PDF
    A formal paper with a detailed history and current description of how three national forecast centers and a local forecast office put together a surface pressure analysis, covering 70 per cent of the northern hemisphere, including the entire north Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, and North America, based on land, buoy, and ship reports.
  • The Unified Surface Analysis Manual
    Unified Surface Analysis Manual PDF
    A step by step detailed process of how professional meteorologists from the three national forecast centers and a local forecast office provide four times daily an analysis of the surface conditions over land and sea covering 70 percent of the northern hemisphere.