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Peter Shainin, S/V Passepartout & CEO Shainin, LLC

Vic Maui“When I met Lee Chesneau I realized I was talking to a genuine expert, a guy who spent his career actually making those NOAA Ocean Prediction Center forecasts. I have attended weather seminars given by people who just read a book and created a slick PowerPoint presentation. Sometimes I was entertained but I didn’t learn what I needed to be on ocean racer. I have used grib files and Auto-Routing (the quick, high-tech solution to weather). Too bad the grib files are often wrong.

Lee’s weather course was essential to my base background for weather knowledge and his coaching right up to the morning of the start of the 2006 Vic-Maui race, were critical to our performance. We could not have done it without Lee on our team. Winning ocean races requires a solid knowledge of weather. Lee Chesneau is the world-class expert who can give you that knowledge.”

Peter Shainin
S/V Passepartout

In a letter to a friend, Peter Shainin also writes:

Lee Chesneau is an old friend of mine. He retired two years ago as the senior meteorologist for NOAA ‘s ocean prediction center in Maryland. He was one of the guys who create the weather charts you get by weather fax or from the internet . Lee provides the Coast Guard required train ing for merchant mariner certifications. He also trains and advises ocean racing yacht crews, including Stan Honey ‘s crews. He helped prepare me for the 2006 race. These four days will be focused on getting all participants to be able to read all the charts, including the 500 mb chart and to understand what the chart predicts and what is likely to happen next. You can check Lee out at

If you have ever tried to get smart about weather you know that the weather books you can get at West Marine and the weather courses you can take from people like North Sails are really kindergarten level stuff that is not very helpful when it comes to winning ocean races. Classes like this one are not generally available to the public at any price.

This class is not free. Lee is a heavy weight guy and comes at a heavy price but I am paying the bill because I think he is worth it. So, the class is one of the benefits of being on the Passepartout crew. You are welcome to participate but this is completely optional. Virtually the entire crew is attending so we will have plenty of navigation back up even if you don’t attend.

Peter D. Shainin, CEO
Shainin LLC