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Lee Walker, S/V Bolero

“Just wanted to comment on Lee Chesneau’s Marine Weather seminar. I tried to take it when it was being hosted by SSCA, but it didn’t go. I guess not enough attendance. I did go at the St. Pete Strictly Sail this last weekend, and it’s a fantastic seminar. It was a bit like drinking from a fire hose, but it was well organized into the basic concepts, then building into weather systems based on those concepts, and it all seemed to click for most attendees. We had one person whose native language is German, and he was having a harder time.

I came out feeling much better prepared than I did going in, and I thought I had a pretty good handle on it. Instead I found the seminar was a steady stream of “AHA!” moments, and many of my basic understandings were corrected. I can highly recommend it, and look forward to the advanced seminar Lee is developing. It’s 3 days with a lot more focus on self routing, although I feel at least reasonably prepared to self route with the body of information provided at this seminar.”

Lee Walker
S/V Bolero
Lagoon 37 TPI