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Lee Chesneau’s Marine Weather plans to accomplish its vision by first instilling trust in the work done by this country’s most qualified, talented and dedicated professional marine meteorologists. The structure of the National Weather Service and its marine program is a service to every mariner thanks to government funding that is already in place. There are no additional costs for this invaluable resource!

Next, the company wants to take this instilled trust to a higher level through seminars, detailed training and education programs. From formal classroom settings to one on one tutoring and in the future, on-line sessions. This will allow mariners to be able to make their own tailored forecasts and routing decisions with a high degree of confidence. With this newly gained solid weather knowledge base, the use of private sector professional meteorological consultants can then be maximized with coordinated intellectual exchange. Furthermore, the use of artificial weather routing and forecasting software systems can be more effectively interpreted using these newly acquired and improved evaluation skills.

Lee Chesneau’s Marine Weather does not believe in blind acceptance. Commercial seafaring mariners who are under significant pressure to maintain schedules and with cargo intact, fishermen (women) who must reap a harvest for their livelihoods and recreational cruisers who always have the luxury of time versus motion cannot afford to compromise their safety. Cutting corners by eliminating important facsimile weather charts or exclusively using very luring artificial intelligence weather products (known as GRIB data). “Dumbing Down” will not be part of this program!