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Marine Weather for Offshore Cruisers (April 13th)

2014 is the year for the Pacific Cup! “Marine Weather for the Offshore Cruiser” is designed not only for the offshore pleasure cruiser but to prepare entrants to the prestigious Pacific Cup race in order to take advantage of the readily available public weather information to formulate their own race strategies from San Francisco to Hawaii!


 The course reviews some important meteorological principles that govern what one will experience routinely on a day to day basis such as pressure and wind.  The review also extends to the structure of surface middle latitude weather systems and their features (e.g., lows, highs, fronts, troughs, squall line & ridges), along with the specific symbols commonly found on surface pressure weather charts. The course will focus on what one sees on typical marine oriented weather charts, especially the geographic region that dominates the middle latitudes and subtropical latitudes from the US west Coast to Hawaii.

Newer topics for some of the offshore cruisers in attendance will focus on the discussion of upper air 500 Mb charts and its role in shaping the patterns produced on the surface pressure and resultant wind pattern at sea level, and thus their subsequent impact on wind and waves. Weather is a three dimensional process and it is important to tie in upper air weather with surface pressure and wind & waves charts as a single entity.

With the world of electronics as part of a cruisers culture (including weather model products such Gridded Binary Data (popularly known as GRIB files) it is important to understand what goes into a human intelligence originated forecast versus the unfettered GRIB files, and finally how to document and verify all surface weather forecasts for confidence building and learning to becoming self-reliant in an offshore cruiser’s marine weather forecasting skills.

This one-day special costs $125.00 per person (normally $195.00). An optional separate interactive note taking guide will be offered separately at $20.00. Class time is 8 to 4 with Q&A time after class!

For those who took last year’s Introduction to Basic Marine Weather Self Reliance course, this would be an ideal follow up course.

If you are  an experience Pacific Cup racer (or  even for the first time), or just plan to be offshore pleasure cruising from San Francisco Bay to Mexico and beyond,  do not miss this opportunity to improve upon your offshore marine weather and forecasting skills with renowned senior meteorologist, Lee Chesneau!


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8:00 am - 5:00 pm

WaterFront Hotel
10 Washington St
Oakland California 94607


Bookings are closed for this event.